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Address:In the western suburbs of dalian wafangdian industrial park
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        Dalian east building wind power equipment manufacturing co., LTD., founded in2008Years8Month,Is located in the western suburbs of dalian wafangdian industrial park,Is a professional engaged in cryogenic equipment research and development and production of high-tech enterprises。The company covers an area of100000Square meters,The plant area35000Square meters,Finished goods and raw materials75000Square meters,Office area10000Square meters,The registered capital1.23One hundred million yuan,The total assets1.5One hundred million yuan,Company existing staff285People,Senior management personnel30People,Technical personnel35People,Research and development personnel23People,All kinds of technical workers168People。My company's geographical position is superior,Traffic is extremely convenient,The road from the shenyang - dalian highway only11km,From BaYuJuan port and dalian port of shipping80km,Base on the external environment。


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“Warmly celebrate our company obtains the American society of mechanical engineersASME”Seal authorization certificate。
Cryogenic liquid storage tanks in the manufacturing process
LNGCryogenic liquid storage tank production
LNGLow temperature storage tank production
申冷LNGCryogenic vessels

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